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Iana’s smart glove in real life

Arduino TeamFebruary 9th, 2023

Rainbow Six is a series of tactical shooter video games dating back to 1998. The series contains many individual titles set in various points of time, from historical wars to fictional futures. Rainbow Six Siege (2015) is set in the future and the character Iana has the ability to project a virtual clone of herself, which she controls using a smart glove. For his most recent project CiferTech recreated Iana’s smart glove.

This replica of Iana’s smart glove can control a variety of devices and isn’t intended for any specific purpose. It looks just like the smart glove fromĀ Rainbow Six SiegeĀ and is a real, functional wearable device. It monitors the movement and orientation of the user’s hand, as well as the positions of their index finger and middle finger. Via radio communication, the wearer can use their hand and fingers to control any device with a compatible radio receiver.

CiferTech modeled the smart glove to match what is seen in the game and then 3D-printed the parts. Inside the enclosure is an Arduino Nano board, an MPU-6050 accelerometer/gyroscope sensor to monitor hand movement, and an nRF24 radio transceiver module for communication. Two potentiometers on the finger linkages monitor finger position. The user just needs to equip the end device with another nRF24 module for radio control.