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The new Arduino Cloud for Business will have you… on a cloud!

Arduino TeamNovember 29th, 2022

While our philosophy is all about the democratization of technology, we are well aware that businesses and professional users have specific needs: that’s why our Pro business unit is entirely focused on catering to them, with dedicated solutions that meet the strictest requirements for performance and security.

And after growing our Arduino Pro hardware portfolio with over a dozen new components in the past few months, we are happy to announce a major software advancement in our ecosystem: the Arduino Cloud for Business offers unique benefits for companies and industrial clients wanting enhanced features in terms of device management, RBAC, fleet management, and safe remote access.

The Arduino Cloud for Business is based on a powerful and flexible data plane where you can gather real-time and historical data in one place, sending information securely over-the-air. Display everything you need on dashboards built simply by choosing from dozens of configurable widgets: easily connect your devices – as many as you want! – to the Cloud and build your own control center.

Join an Organization Space. Define and manage multiple Organization spaces in Arduino Cloud for Business. Set up role-based access control (RBAC) by assigning profiles and sharing with any number of users, and access all cloud projects and sketches – always in sync thanks to the Web Editor – at any time and from any device, thanks to wide cross compatibility (Windows, Mac, Linux or Chromebook) and the free IoT Remote app.

The Arduino Cloud for Business allows for device management with instant or programmed OTA updates, secure provisioning to connect boards leveraging their secure element, and easy verification of their status (connected, not connected) and maintenance.

And there’s more: its specific fleet management features enable you to filter your devices by status, create groups and tags to more efficiently manage campaigns, search between boards, and list and order them.

Multiple of 50 devices can be connected under the Enterprise Base Plan – and you can always contact our team for a tailored plan to accelerate your IoT solutions.

Sketching and coding run through the integrated Arduino Web Editor, allowing you to program your boards from any browser, update devices over-the-air, move all sketches and libraries to the Cloud, use the latest IDE features without having to install any software locally, share projects across your team, and customize your libraries online.

With Arduino Cloud for Business, you can create an unlimited number of dashboards. Push button, Switch, Scheduler, Map, Chart… These are just a few of the many widgets you can customize to visualize all your data or to remotely control your devices. Click here to learn more. 

Allow your team to view/edit your dashboards or share them with your customers in just a couple of clicks. Everyone you want can have the permission to access them, not only in the browser, but also on-the-go using the free IoT Remote app (available from Google Play and the App Store).

Whether your data is needed every day or every minute, Arduino Cloud infrastructure is optimized to receive, elaborate, and return tons of data each second across the globe.

And, with one year data retention by default, Arduino Cloud for Business provides companies a place to store and mine data for additional insights and analysis, like condition monitoring or predictive maintenance. If you need to store the data somewhere else, export your entire set of data locally for further evaluation or manipulation.

Use Arduino IoT Cloud back-end to control Things and devices via Arduino rest APIs in Javascript, Python, or Go. With Arduino rest APIs, you will be able to manage up to 50 requests per second, guaranteeing stable data sharing. Leveraging the APIs, you can interact with any element of the Cloud: data, devices, dashboards, and web properties. Add the power to script, to create complex scenarios, or to send and receive data from your custom service or mobile application.

Generate your secure API key in just one click and start interacting with third-party apps and services without friction. Do you want to learn more? Check our API documentation.

The Arduino Cloud for Business is compatible with the widest range of Arduino PRO devices in the Portenta and Nicla families, as well as with MKR and Nano components. 

To address additional needs, Arduino Cloud for Business can be customized with optional add-ons: 

  • Portenta X8 Manager: Securely maintain Portenta X8 Linux distribution with this dedicated add-on. Deploy and update all your applications packaged into containers and perform secure over the air differential updates to target Portenta X8 devices/fleets. Check Portenta X8 documentation to find out more. 
  • LoRaWAN Device Manager: Easily connect your LoRa devices to Arduino Cloud for Business with this integrated add-on. Build your own enterprise grade LoRaWAN network server without location constraints and directly visualize and manage data exchanged through LoRa protocol into your Cloud projects. Get started now. 
  • Machine Learning Tools Enterprise: Build and train professional grade predictive models with just few lines of code through this dedicated add-on. Deploy premade models out of the box to quickly develop your machine learning projects, starting from object detection, machine vision to audio segmentation. Click here to learn more.

So, why choose Arduino Cloud for Business for your next IIoT challenge? 

Here are a few reasons:

  • Remotely access all your data and dashboards from any device.
  • Securely update your applications over-the-air.
  • Use multiple connectivity options (e.g. WiFi, LoRa, Ethernet, cellular etc.).
  • Your data is always fully encrypted.
  • Securely provision your devices leveraging their secure elements.
  • Share and grant access to your projects to colleagues and customers in one click.
  • Export your Cloud data locally when needed.
  • Optional add-on covering all your needs.
  • Develop your projects including all your MKR, Nano, and Portenta devices.

Last but not least, the Arduino Cloud for Business offers the frictionless experience and extensive documentation and tutorials Arduino is known for: check out available plans and start building your Cloud workspace today!