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Handy machine cuts and strips wires so you don’t have to

Arduino TeamNovember 12th, 2022

If you only need a couple of wires, it isn’t a big deal to just cut them and strip them yourself. But if you need dozens or even hundreds of wires, that becomes a very laborious task. That’s especially true if those wires need to be a precise length, which is ideal for clean wiring jobs. This machine built by Mr Innovative automatically cuts and strips wires in just a second to make such jobs much easier.

Before someone calls us out: no, this machine doesn’t fully strip the wires. It just precuts the ends so that the user can quickly pull off the insulation. But it is still doing all the hard work and is very useful. Just load up a spool of wire, feed it into the machine, set the wire length and stripped lengths, and sit back. The machine will cut through the insulation at one end, dispense the desired length of wire, cut through the insulation at the other end, and then cut that piece of wire off so it lands in a collection bucket.

If you’ve seen some of Mr Innovative’s other machines, then this will look very familiar to you. The frame is a combination of wood and 3D-printed parts. Stepper motors feed the wire and actuate the wire cutters, while a hobby servo motor directs the wire closer or further from the wire cutter blades to perform either a full cut or a cut through just the insulation. An Arduino Nano board controls the motors through drivers on a custom PCB. A Nextion touchscreen LCD panel provides the user interface for entering cut parameters. 

If you cut lots of wires, a machine like this would be indispensable — though it would be nice to see adjustment for wire gauge.


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