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Welcome Opta, our first-ever micro PLC with Industrial IoT capabilities

Arduino TeamNovember 8th, 2022

We can finally tell you all about the new product we had announced for SPS! Today, we are excited to expand the Arduino Pro range with Opta, our first micro PLC with Industrial IoT capabilities. 

We designed it specifically with PLC engineers in mind: supporting standard languages including LD (Ladder Logic Diagram) and FBD (Function Block Diagram), it allows professional users to scale up industrial and building automation projects leveraging our signature open-source, easy-to-use, anti-vendor-lock-in approach.

We partnered with none other than Finder — a leader in the field of mission-critical electromechanical and electronic components with 65+ years of excellence and expertise to its name — to create the most durable, reliable, secure and high-performance component possible, while still maintaining our signature flexibility and ease of deployment in production.

Through its onboard connectivity and machine learning capabilities, Opta opens up new opportunities for industrial automation within everyone’s reach: design, iterate and implement increasingly ambitious ideas for higher-quality manufacturing, increased efficiency, better productivity and profitability. If you agree with us that innovation is here to help us face every possible challenge, we look forward to seeing the solutions you create to work better with Opta!

Here is a taste of its tech specs:

  • High-performance computing. Its powerful STM32H747XI dual-core Cortex®-M7 +M4 MCU enables users to perform real-time operations and implement predictive maintenance capabilities. 
  • Secure and durable by design. Opta supports OTA firmware updates and ensures data security from the hardware to the Cloud through M2M communication, thanks to the onboard secure element and X.509 Standard compliance.
  • Faster turnaround. Get to work quickly with Arduino’s ease of use, flexibility and extensive sketches, tutorials and software libraries.
  • Three configurations to suit any user’s needs. Opta is available in three variants with incremental features: Opta Lite with onboard Ethernet and USB-C programming ports, Opta RS485 which also adds RS485 half duplex connectivity interface, and Opta WiFi, the most versatile option, featuring also Wi-Fi/Bluetooth® Low Energy connectivity.

Ready to opt in to industrial automation? Whether you are interested in real-time control, monitoring or predictive maintenance applications, find out more about Opta on our website’s dedicated page.