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The Things Conference 2022: catch up with us and all things LoRaWAN®

Arduino TeamSeptember 16th, 2022

We are excited to announce our team will be traveling to Amsterdam for The Things Conference on September 22nd-23rd, where Arduino will be among select exhibitors.

The Things Conference is the world’s largest conference about LoRaWAN®, bringing together the industry’s major players contributing to this technology’s development in a two-day deep dive dedicated to making business operations smarter. This year’s edition will focus on the main topic of digital transformation – as seen through the lens of LoRaWAN®, of course!

Connect with us at The Things Conference 

Don’t miss your chance to meet our experts in person at Amsterdam’s The Kromhouthal – a former marine engine factory now turned into a unique event venue. 

We’ll be showcasing some of our best LoRaWAN® products and solutions: 

  • The Portenta Vision Shield LoRa®, designed to boost Arduino Pro’s H7 module with the capability to run embedded computer vision applications, connect wirelessly via LoRa® to the Arduino Cloud (or third-party infrastructure), and activate systems upon the detection of sound events; 
  • The Portenta Max Carrier, which can augment Portenta H7 or X8 with LoRa® connectivity and transform existing Arduino Pro modules into single-board computers or reference designs that enable edge AI for high-performance industrial, building automation and robotics applications;
  • The Arduino MKR WAN 1310, an entry-level option featuring the renowned versatility of the MKR family: a practical and cost-effective solution to add LoRa® connectivity to projects requiring low power;
  • Last but not least, the newly launched WisGate Edge Lite 2 and WisGate Edge Pro: ready-to-use, industrial-grade gateways for LoRaWAN® connectivity powered by RAKwireless™.

On September 22nd, the packed schedule of The Things Conference also includes a keynote by Sebastian Romero, Lead Interaction Designer & Creative Technologist at Arduino: “Predictive Maintenance with an Arduino-based LoRa solution” will center on ways to implement predictive maintenance by measuring equipment vibration patterns, to prevent damage, mitigate the risk of downtime and improve profitability.

Interested in something more specific? Sign up for “How to implement a smart, LoRa-connected insect trap with Arduino,” a dedicated workshop on September 23rd, also held by Romero.

At The Things Conference, we strive to bring together all industry leaders who can contribute to LoRaWAN® development, in a two-day deep dive dedicated to making business operations smarter. We see strong signs that innovation in the market is not driven only by technologies becoming available, but by a true shift towards compatibility and a partnership mentality – which Arduino has always stood for,” adds Wienke Giezeman, CEO at The Things Industries in closing.

You can browse the full schedule and purchase your tickets at The Things Conference website, entering promo code FRIEND-ARDUINO for a 20% discount.  

Tot ziens in Amsterdam!

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