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This chocolate bunny screams when it’s eaten

Arduino TeamApril 19th, 2022

Bunnies made from chocolate are staples around springtime, and unlike actual rabbits, they don’t mind being consumed. But YouTuber Repeated Failure decided to introduce a little bit of macabre humor by causing the chocolate bunnies to begin screaming as they’re devoured.

The first challenge was figuring out how to detect that the bunny is being eaten. The first attempt involved mixing up a variety of conductive, food-safe materials that could be applied to the chocolate, but every attempt ended in failure. After realizing this goal of using ink was unfeasible, Repeated Failure opted to go with edible silver leaf instead that can hold a small electric charge. From here, an Arduino Nano was soldered to a piece of perf board along with a mini MP3 player module and a small 2W speaker. All of the electronics were then placed into a custom 3D-printed base that holds the bunny upright while also hiding the circuitry.

At last, it was time to eat this “interesting” creation. One quite noteworthy aspect is the fact that each major portion of the rabbit is connected to the Arduino independently, which lets a unique sound effect play depending on if the ears, tail, or head is being munched.

To see the process of making this project in more detail, check out Repeated Failure’s video below!


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