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Arduino Week 2022: Call for organizers

Arduino TeamFebruary 28th, 2022
Arduino Week Call for Organizers

Arduino Week takes place between 21-26 March, 2022, marking the first time we’ve expanded the birthday celebration into a full week of talks, events, launches and presentations. We’re reserving the last day of the week (Saturday, 26th March) for these community-driven events; putting the spotlight on your celebrations for the big finale.

We recently wrapped up the call for speakers, after we received a huge number of pitches and ideas for people who wanted to take part in the official Arduino Week event. Now we want to hear all about any events you’re planning to help us raise awareness and have fun with open-source hardware, software and services!

Applications are Open for Arduino Week Events

Let’s get right into the good stuff. If you’re planning on hosting your own Arduino Week event, click the button below to send in an application. Once approved, you’ll be listed on the Arduino Week website as an official organizer!

We’re building up a map of all the Arduino Week events that the global community is hosting this year, and we want to add a pin for yours. It can be online, in person, or a hybrid of the two, so there’s ample opportunity for anyone and everyone to take part.

All we need in the application form are a few details about what you’ve got planned. Where it’s at, what kind of online presence it’ll have, and perhaps most importantly of all, what’s on the agenda.

Speaking of which, there are no hard and fast rules about what your Arduino Week event needs to be. You might be hosting a hackathon, having interviews and talks with experts or creators, running on- or offline workshops, or anything else that shows your love for Arduino, open-source, and the culture of sharing.

If your event makes it onto the Arduino Week list, we’ll help you to promote your event online. You’ll also receive a digital kit containing all the images, logos and assets you need to show that you’re an official part of Arduino Week. And then afterwards we’ll send you a certificate of participation, which can be great for job or school applications, as well as helping you to proudly showcase your passion for all things Arduino! 

Applications are open right now, and close at midnight on 14th March (promptly!). So don’t delay. Join Arduino Week today!

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