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DIY jet engine powered by a Portenta H7

Arduino TeamJanuary 19th, 2022

Projects don’t get much more ambitious than DIY GUY Chris’ Arduino-powered jet engine. We’ve been following the work he’s done building a custom carrier board for the Portanta H7, and now we get to see it in action.

Portenta Jet Engine

To be honest, just building a working DIY jet engine model is incredible enough. But the model Chris has created is so much more than that.

The 3D-printed model has a breakaway section that lets us see the engine in action. A superb educational tool that covers everything from design and control to operation. And it looks like so much fun to make and play with, too.

His latest project puts the custom built Portenta H7 “Throne” board to use. This is a breakout, or carrier board, that he developed to explore ways to use the Portenta H7’s high density connectors. In this application it’s driving a high powered a DC motor that runs his jet engine model.

It’s an elaborate build, with a lot of printed, moving parts. In many respects the application that the H7 is used for is pretty simple, at least on the surface. But what’s great about Chris’ latest project is that it’s an excellent example of how the Arduino board could be implemented in industrial applications.

His excellent (and very professional) breakout board — the Throne — is a further demonstration of this, showing how adaptable devices like the H7 are in combination with custom solutions. So it’s worth taking a look at Chris’ other videos about the Throne’s development, as well as his mightily impressive DIY jet engine.