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The first Arduino Education Inspiration Lab

Arduino TeamSeptember 24th, 2021

Arduino Education is delighted to announce its very first Inspiration Lab, in partnership with Technobel in Belgium.

What is an Arduino Education Inspiration Lab?

Inspiration Labs are an exciting new concept designed for students and educators to get hands-on experience. with the joy of making new discoveries. They’ll explore, design and learn electronics, coding, and programming with real-world connections. It’s all about enhancing future skills, having fun, and the joy of making new discoveries.

Technobel is a training and vocational center in Ciney, Belgium. Together we’ve created a dedicated space for teachers and students to learn with the full range of Arduino Education products in an engaging, exciting environment.

Arduino and Technobel Inspiration Lab

What can you do at the Inspiration Lab?

There’s something for everyone at the Inspiration Lab.

  • A dedicated space within Technobel, accessible to the public.
  • Teacher training with workshops on Arduino Education solutions; on demand, and on- or off-site.
  • Teacher coaching on how to create new lessons, with an emphasis on community sharing.
  • Specialized courses for 15 to 18-year-old students with official Arduino certification.

What can you Learn at the Inspiration Lab?

As well as exploring, designing, discovering and learning electronics, coding and programming, the Inspiration Lab offers the following.

  • Promote a culture of technological innovation and development.
  • Create an advanced technology facility that supports product innovation and design.
  • Provide mentorship and certification programs for teachers and students.
  • Help develop design-focused thinking, product design and innovation skills through technical support and training.
  • Incubate product ideas to help realize them as real-world commercial products.
  • Prepare students to participate and compete in Arduino Technology challenges and competitions across the globe.

Find out more and to book your space, visit the website now.


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