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PneuMat is an interactive shape-changing system to help ensure infants sleep safely

Arduino TeamJune 3rd, 2021

Every parent knows that babies need to sleep in specific conditions. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is a very tragic possibility and a number of steps must be taken to prevent it, such as avoiding blankets that can restrict an infant’s breathing. But babies can also choke on milk if they aren’t lying in an ideal position. PneuMat is a special Arduino-controlled system that is capable of autonomously moving a baby back into a safe resting position.

Babies would rest on top of a PneuMat in their crib or on table. Pressure sensors line the surface of the mat and detect the baby’s position. It can differentiate between a baby lying on its side and a baby lying on its back. If the baby’s position is inappropriate, the air chambers in the mat inflate independently to change their posture. If, for instance, a baby has just been fed, PneuMat can keep the baby on their back and in an inclined position to keep them from choking on milk. It can also roll a baby over.

An Arduino Uno is important for enabling PneuMat’s functionality. It monitors the pressure sensors that line the mat and controls the pumps that inflate the air chambers when required. In addition to saving lives directly, PneuMat could provide useful data over time. Because it is always monitoring the infant’s sleeping position, it can determine how they toss and turn while they sleep. That information could help doctors better understand SIDS and learn how best to prevent the worst from happening.


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