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Create your own low-cost contactless IR thermometer with Arduino

Arduino TeamJune 2nd, 2021

In the age of COVID-19, being able to know when someone’s sick is vital, especially in countries where the disease is currently surging. It’s for this reason that Open Green Energy decided to build a battery-powered portable thermometer that not only takes a person’s temperature but also alerts others if it’s too high.

At the heart of the device is an Arduino Nano that takes in temperature data from a GY-906 module and displays it on a 0.96” OLED screen. Additionally, there’s an IR emitter/receiver that detects when a person is in front of the thermometer so their temperature can be read. If the value falls within the acceptable range, a green LED lights up, but if the value is too high, such as in the case of a fever, a buzzer begins to sound, and the red LED turns on. 

All of the electronics were assembled onto a custom-designed PCB that has headers for the various modules and LEDs, along with a place for the Arduino and battery charging circuit. All of these components were then positioned inside of a 3D-printed enclosure that holds both the batteries and PCB at the bottom and the screen/LEDs at the top. 

For more information about this project you can view its well-written writeup here on Instructables. 


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