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Sense the future of smart agriculture with Arduino Edge Control

Arduino TeamApril 22nd, 2021

The Arduino Pro lineup continues to grow with the introduction of the new Arduino Edge Control. This is a remote monitoring and control solution optimized for outdoor environments. Easy deployment makes it suitable for smart agriculture, precision farming, and other intelligent control applications in remote locations.

Featuring built-in Bluetooth, Arduino MKR boards can expand connectivity with 2G/3G/CatM1/NB-IoT modems, LoRa®, Sigfox and WiFi. With solar power capabilities you can place it anywhere while leveraging AI on the edge. Once installed in the field, it can then be managed remotely using Arduino IoT Cloud (or other services). 

Real-time monitoring with Edge Control sensors

You can also connect sensors, provide real-time monitoring, and drive actuators — commonly used in agriculture — thereby reducing production-related risks.

Particularly aimed at smart agriculture, the sensors can collect real-time data. Weather conditions, soil quality, crop growth and any other data you need. Once sent to Arduino IoT Cloud, the data value chain becomes valuable analytics that support business processes at various levels. For example, crop yield, equipment efficiency, staff performance and so forth. The Edge Control can improve crop quality, reduce effort and minimize error by automating processes like irrigation, fertilization or pest control.

Arduino Edge Control for smart agriculture and industrial applications

Remote access and maintenance

With its robust design, the Edge Control is a fitting solution for applications in any outdoor setting. For example, using it on construction sites or in real estate to automate access control. Similarly, swimming pool maintenance and cleaning companies could monitor and control the condition of pool water from remote locations. As usual, we expect the Arduino community to come up with countless ingenious ways to implement this new technology.

To learn more about how you can use the Edge Control, check out how to get started.

The Edge Control is now available for €169/US$199 on the Arduino Store.