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This auto-adjusting PVC system lifts hand sanitizer to the perfect height

Arduino TeamApril 12th, 2021

You’ve probably seen hand sanitizer stations popping up all over the place. While this seems to be a good thing, if you’re not exactly average height-wise, it’s likely they weren’t exactly designed for you. As a way to help both tall and short, and especially kids whose height varies considerably, Jegatheesan Soundarapandian has come up with an auto-adjustable stand.

The device, which is made from PVC pipe, measures your size using an ultrasonic sensor. A platform is then pulled into position via a stepper motor and string, under the control of an Arduino Uno and CNC shield. This presents you with hand sanitizer (or whatever else is needed) at a level customized just for you.

Code and plenty of additional information is available in Soundarapandiann’s Instructables post, along with a simple “bonus” contactless dispenser module build.