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This program can tell if you paid attention to text

Arduino TeamFebruary 18th, 2021

When you read a book, or… other website, you may find your mind wandering from time to time. This isn’t always a big deal, but if you want to ensure that you’re getting every last bit of information on a page, YouTuber “I made this” may have the perfect solution.

His “program that could tell if you are paying attention” employs eye tracking to see where on the page you’re looking, and correlates this with input from a NeuroSky sensor. Conveniently, the particular unit used here (salvaged from an old Star Wars toy) outputs an attention value from 0-100. An Arduino board reads the EEG directly and passes data along to the computer, which then highlights text green for “paid attention,” and red for “not paying attention.”


2 Responses to “This program can tell if you paid attention to text”

  1. adragos Says:

    Could we also get a list of pieces/accessories and some hints about the code? Links to libraries, ways of computing the attention score and such?

    I would love to build this device in order to help individuals suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder.

  2. annibot Says:

    Its very thoughtful.

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