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Play Simon and the piano on this glowing geodesic dome

Arduino TeamFebruary 18th, 2021

Geodesic domes, approximately spherical structures made from an arrangement of triangular faces, are fascinating in and of themselves. Add light and sound, as was done here by students at the University of Málaga in Spain, and you have something truly magical.

Their device is a derivation Jon Bumstead’s larger dome project, shrinking his 120-triangle design down to a more manageable 40. The frame was constructed out of wood and 3D-printed PLA, with triangle measurements calculated using this Desert Domes tool.

An Arduino Uno controls the system’s programmable LED and sound output, while IR sensors with 74LS151 multiplexers allow for interaction. The dome features several modes, which include creating colorful patterns at the touch of each triangle, producing music, and even playing the classic game of Simon. You can see it in action below!