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This machine stacks dominoes automatically

Arduino TeamDecember 26th, 2020

Arranging dominoes in such a way that they knock each other down in sequence can be a fun pastime, but what if you would like a machine to take care of lining them up for you? As seen in the video below, Lewis of DIY Machines has come up with just such a device featuring 3D-printable parts and an Arduino Uno for control.

The project uses a single gearmotor to both move the robot over the floor and actuate the stacking mechanism, creating consistent spacing without the need for additional sensors. A steering servo points it in the right direction, and its motion can be pre-programmed via the Arduino IDE.

What’s more, the machine can be driven from a Blynk smartphone app over Bluetooth (to be explained in an upcoming video). It’s capable of holding around 140 dominoes at a time, and includes a carousel setup that can be changed to keep the placement going!


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