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Arduino Explore IoT Kit vs. Oplà IoT Kit: a detailed comparison

Arduino TeamNovember 18th, 2020

If you are looking for a solution to learn and experience the Internet of Things, there are two popular choices: the Explore IoT Kit and the Oplà IoT Kit. But which one should you pick? Here‘s a handy guide.

The kits share a very similar set of hardware and are in the same price range; moreover, they both offer a free one-year subscription to the Arduino Create MKR Plan, Arduino premium coding platform.

That is where the similarities end though! The Oplà IoT Kit is designed for individuals to use to add connectivity to the devices around the home or in the office, while the Explore IoT Kit is an educational kit developed for students to learn how to control objects remotely using digital dashboards and learn the fundamentals of the Internet of Things. Furthermore, they offer different online platforms and different projects — in other words, a completely different experience. 

We’ve created a super simple guide to help you decide which is the right kit for you and your projects! 

Both kits include: 

And now, let’s explore what you can do with the Explore IoT Kit and the Oplà IoT Kit.

Explore IoT Kit

The Explore IoT Kit teaches you fundamental concepts to control objects remotely.

This educational kit includes 10 online student activities that adopt a learning-by-doing approach.               

Step-by-step students will acquire knowledge by constructing fully functional solutions, including experiments, challenges, and building real-life applications. Students also learn to control objects remotely using a digital dashboard: the Arduino IoT Cloud. 

Oplà IoT Kit

The Oplà IoT Kit adds connectivity to your home, office appliances, and applications without the need for soldering.

This kit comes with a complete set of eight Internet of Things projects ready to turn everyday appliances into ‘smart’ appliances, e.g. a thermostat. More advanced users can create their own connected devices. 

The two kits are currently available on the Arduino Store, priced at $114. Get yours today!