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This automated table makes beer pong more challenging

Arduino TeamNovember 12th, 2020

If you play beer pong, whether with adult beverages, water, or soda, it’s possible you find it too repetitive or too easy. While one might see this as a self-correcting problem, to take things up a few notches Ty Palowski created a specialized table with moving cups.

The custom setup oscillates the cup pyramids back and forth under the power of a stepper motor, belt, and magnet assembly under the table. These magnets pull on corresponding magnets attached to the bottom of each cup, causing them to slide “like magic” on top of an acrylic surface.

Palowski’s system is controlled by an Arduino Nano with a rotary encoder and OLED interface. As shown in the video below, both sides of the table are motorized in the same manner for a two-player challenge!


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