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Skee-ball-like indoor golf game gets an automatic scoring system

Arduino TeamNovember 10th, 2020

After making an indoor Executive Par 3 golf game with a ramp and cups like a skee-ball machine, creator “gcal1979” decided to add an automatic scoring system to the rig.

What he came up with uses infrared break beam sensors for each of the three holes, feeding info to an Arduino Mega. Stats are shown on an electronic scoreboard behind the play area, with a seven-segment display for the hole number, as well as two four-digit units for player scores.

Individual LEDs tell what kind of shot was detected (e.g. bogey or hole-in-one), if there are one or two players, and if a new game is in progress. A three-button control console starts new games, switches between one and two player mode, and even lets you indicate whether there’s been an undetected out-of-bounds double bogey shot!


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