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An Arduino-powered puck with LEDs that react to acceleration

Arduino TeamNovember 3rd, 2020

While you may or may not have frozen ponds where you live, if you have an available smooth surface you can still enjoy a game of floor hockey with this brilliantly illuminated puck.

Yuksel Temiz’s 3D-printed device features a 12-LED ring inside, which shines brightly through the top of its translucent body and reacts to acceleration. Control is via an Arduino Nano along with an MPU-6050 IMU for sensing.

Two versions are made in the video below — one with CR2032 batteries and another with a rechargeable LiPo. PTFE furniture glides on the bottom help the puck slide across the hardwood floor. The build, which also includes a set of 3D-printed sticks, looks like a lot of fun for Temiz and his two-year-old son!