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Driving a mini RC bumper car with a Nintendo Wii Balance Board

Arduino TeamOctober 23rd, 2020

Taking inspiration from Colin Furze’s 600cc bumper car constructed a few years ago, Henry Forsyth decided to build his own RC miniature version. His device features a 3D-printed and nicely-painted body, along with a laser-cut chassis that holds the electrical components.

The vehicle is driven by a single gearmotor and a pair of 3D-printed wheels, with another caster-style wheel that’s turned left and right by a servo steering. An Arduino Uno and Bluetooth shield are used for overall control with a motor driver.

The Bluetooth functionality allows for user interface via a PS4 controller, or even (after a bit of programming) a Wii Balance Board. In the end, the PS4 remote seems to be the better control option, but who knows where else this type of balance technique could be employed?


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  1. aroosa_fatima Says:

    hy!its very useful information.i have learnt a lot from this site on different projects ,its my client’s project and i was little bit confused but now i am confident i will do this.

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