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Watch your houseplant’s growth really take off in this Saturn V planter

Arduino TeamSeptember 29th, 2020

As first reported by Technabob, almost two years after he made a rather stunning Saturn V lamp, SimonRob decided to create something a bit different in the form of his Saturn V planter.

The device is based on the lower section portion of a 3D-printable rocket model, which is modified and sealed to hold dirt and water. A succulent now pops out where the rest of the rocket should be, and a 30mm thick wood plank helps give it a very unique and polished look.

A switch on the front lights up the printed flame assemblies emanating from the engines, using a trio of SMD LEDs on each exhaust. These LEDs are controlled by an Arduino Nano nestled inside the wooden base to produce random lighting effects when an activation button is pressed.


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    It is nice

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    Can you tell how you were alien

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    Can you tell me how it’s done

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