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Ride the waves at night with this gnarly LED surfboard

Arduino TeamSeptember 12th, 2020

Moritz v. Sivers recently got into river surfing, which unfortunately leaves him with less time for other hobbies, like making electronics projects. The solution, of course, was to create a teched out surfboard.

His build features an array of WS2812B LEDs embedded into the sides of the board, controlled by an Arduino Nano housed in a Tupperware box strapped to the back.

The device also includes an MPU-6050 inertial measurement unit, allowing the unit to react to Sivers’ movements through the water. Left and right turns, standing, pumping the board, and surfing straight all have their own animations.

A demonstration can be seen below, along with shots of it in action at night, riding the Eisbach Wave in Munich, Germany. It looks brilliant, and like a lot of fun!