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This DIY machine provides encouragement at the touch of a button

Arduino TeamSeptember 7th, 2020

When a task is difficult, or you’re going through something challenging, a little encouragement can be just what you need. If, however, there’s no one else around, YouTuber JBV Creative has come up with what could be the next best thing.

His aptly named “Encouragement Machine” uses a DC motor-driven stamp to press messages of “YOU CAN’T DO IT” on a piece of paper, pulled into place via a stepper.

It’s a strange message for such a device, but as a sort of happy ending to this process/metaphor, a servo-actuated pair of scissors then cuts off the ‘T to form the words: “YOU CAN DO IT.” The Encouragement Machine is controlled by an Arduino Nano, and you can see it built and demonstrated in the video below.