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Change the volume of any app on your PC with the turn of a knob

Arduino TeamJuly 7th, 2020

Overall computer volume control is important, but what if you want to get more granular, adjusting sound from various applications individually? Rather than going through a series of menus and on-screen sliders, Ruben Henares’ Maxmix lets you do this on the fly.

Based on an Arduino Nano, the simple yet stylish knob takes input from an encoder and button to cycle through and select a program. Just push down and then rotate to turn the volume up or down. Want to switch from Discord to Spotify? Click it again and repeat the process.

A small OLED screen on the Maxmix shows which app is running, and there’s even an optional LED ring for extra lighting effects. All the electronics are housed inside a nicely designed 3D-printed enclosure.

You can find the build instructions on Henares’ site and see a demo of it below.


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