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An awesomely overkill model rocket launch controller

Arduino TeamApril 28th, 2020

Eddy Robinson has spent the last six months building a model rocket complete with a thrust vector control system for stabilization, along with a correspondingly epic launch console. His “extremely overkill” controller is packed inside a rugged case and flips open to reveal an array of buttons, switches, and displays.

Controls include an arm key as well as an emergency stop button in case things go awry. There’s also an assortment of toggle switches, buttons, a 16×2 LCD display for feedback, a DHT11 sensor to ensure ideal conditions, and more. 

The actual launch signal is sent wirelessly via an nRF24L01 transceiver, and there are plans to add a manual wired backup in the future. All of this is handled by an Arduino Mega, hidden below the user interface panel.

Although the rocket won’t take to the sky for a couple months, you can follow along with Robinson’s project here


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  1. strike11 Says:

    Where would the software be located? I have acquired all part but software.

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