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If Then Paint is a six-axis CNC painting machine

Arduino TeamJuly 29th, 2019

It’s easy to see that painting takes a lot of skill, but few really understand how much skill is involved like John Opsahl, who created the “If Then Paint” CNC canvas painting machine.

In order to produce the proper paint strokes, his device implements full six-axis brush control, moving not only in the X/Y/Z coordinate system, but rotating on three axes. Movement is handled by a modified version of Grbl running on an Arduino Mega.

If Then Paint also features the ability to change painting/art tools automatically, as well as a clever paint management system that turns a carousel of paint syringes. 

More info on the build can be found here, and check out a few examples of how it works in the videos below.


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  1. Redwin Says:

    Buongiorno. Mi chiamo Paolo sono giorni che sto cercando come realizzare una cnc fai da te, usando arduino la vostra è super per favore potete fornire lo scheck?

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