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This machine bends brass wire with precision

Arduino TeamJuly 22nd, 2019

Jiri Praus enjoys using brass wire for his freeform sculptures, but isn’t a fan of making the same bends over again. To solve this problem, he designed a CNC machine to handle that task for him.

His device features a series of rollers to straighten out the wire, with a stepper-driven puller that utilizes a roller normally used with a welding machine. A second stepper then precisely bends the wire into shape, creating squares, hexagons and even springs under the control of an Arduino/CNC shield. 

You can see the project in action in the videos below, and if you want to build your own, the STL files for this mostly 3D-printed setup are up on GitHub.


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  1. iamnickson Says:

    Hi, I’m also willing to use this model to satisfy my requirement for my 3rd year Project. Can you help me?

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