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Designing custom Mazda MX5 Miata TFT cockpit gauge clusters

Arduino TeamJuly 11th, 2019

Nearly any car comes with the proper dashboard to get you from point A to point B, but what if you want something all your own displaying important stats? While there aren’t a lot of technical details on the Arduino-based builds, these MX5 Miata JDM-style TFT cockpits by Jroobi are sure to inspire.

The first version puts RPM and KPH values on coaxial sliders in the right circular display. That leaves the second round display for info such as what gear you’re in, along with auxiliary displays for extra data. The second splits up RPM and KPH between the main circles. It also features interesting light-up alerts in the middle, as well as a gauge similar to the first on top. 

The first iteration—and presumably the second—includes a clever user interface setup, where a rotary encoder surrounds the existing trip reset button for brightness control while still preserving its reset ability.


8 Responses to “Designing custom Mazda MX5 Miata TFT cockpit gauge clusters”

  1. Jroobi Says:

    THANK YOU – I’m totally flattered found and posted it here!
    It’s based on an Arduino Due, and various UTFT libraries.

  2. Merios Says:

    Can we somehow get the code for it? Will you provide any how to information?
    Or are you planning to sell it?
    I am really interested to add this in my miata.
    Thanks in advance

  3. Melkhior Says:

    Could you tell which screen did you use to do the dahsboard and which software did you install to create the IHM ?
    Thank you


    Fantastic job, you should certainly be proud of your creation.
    The beauty with building/creating such a project is the fact if you ever get bored with it you can always change the layout.
    Enjoy the fruits of your labour.
    May i ask, have you used 4D displays and are any TFT.

  5. thomMazda Says:

    i need specs and how are you gona measure the gears kmh and the rpm enz

  6. jeeep Says:

    -would love a tutorial!
    -if nothing else pls tell us what TFT displays were used

  7. Guardknox Says:

    @Jroobi Hi
    I am a representative of a company that develops cyber solutions for the automotive industry, your instrument cluster is exactly what we are looking for to use in our demo, i would like to receive a price estimation for your solution.
    Unfortunately, I couldn’t find your contact details nowhere 🙂
    Pls advise how can i contact you

  8. ticorj12 Says:

    Hello @jroobi, I second @jeeep comment. Can you please tell us what kind of display did you use?

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