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Feed Barbie with the J’ai faim! mechatronic game

Arduino TeamAugust 7th, 2018

According to this project’s write-up, while some struggle to get enough nourishment, those in more developed countries often aspire to consume too little food. As an apparent commentary on this situation, Niklas Roy and Kati Hyyppä have created a mechatronic game called J’ai faim!, French for “I’m hungry!”

In this Arduino-controlled game, participants rotate a Barbie head to point her comically over-sized tongue over a piece of sushi lit up by an LED. When in position, the player fires her solenoid-actuated tongue using the joystick, and if the correct sushi is eaten the score progresses from “starving” to “well fed.” 

You can see the game—reminiscent of a very strange version of whack-a-mole—in the video below.