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Arduino door lock is activated by opening an incognito window

Arduino TeamJuly 13th, 2016

Mike, CEO of the Useless Duck Company, continues to make us laugh with his hilarious Arduino innovations. Despite all the comical projects, which range from a fedora that tips itself to an automated toilet paper-dispensing machine, he may be onto something with one of his more recent contraptions.

If you don’t want Google Chrome to save a record of what you visit and download, you can always surf the web in incognito mode. However, what happens if your loved one bursts into the room without warning? With hopes of solving this all-too-common problem, he has created a door that automatically locks itself whenever you open a private browser–a perfect way to prevent your wife or significant other from catching you… shopping for gifts online.

Mike hooked his PC up to an Arduino Uno that’s connected to a servo-controlled lock. A self-written program then checks all of the browsers running on his computer, and if it finds one in incognito mode, it sends a signal to the Arduino to bolt the door.


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