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Arduino Pro Mini powers this Pac-Man festival totem

Arduino TeamJune 9th, 2016

Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas is just days away, and YouTuber “Korberos” is ready. The Maker has created an LED Pac-Man totem using 967 lines of code, 256 NeoPixels wired in succession and laid out in a game-inspired map, and an Arduino Pro Mini.

The controller and game lights are powered by a 5V power bank with 10,000mAh of storage, while blue EL wire lights (for the “walls”) are powered by a 12V supply coming from eight AA batteries wired in serial. A MAC7219 7-segment display shows the current level and score.

According to Korberos, two libraries were used in the project: FastLED to control the LED strips and LedControl2 to handle the scoreboard.

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  1. EfrainVeliz Says:

    hola soy efrain veliz de gustaria saber de donde puedo obtener los codigos que utilizaste para hacer ese genial juego.muchas gracias .saludos

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