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DIY Garage Door KeyPad Project

Zoe RomanoNovember 17th, 2015

Arduino user SamJBoz needed a way to quickly gain access to his garage when he did not have the remote. He designed a simple entry system with 4 digit access codes to allow himself, family and friends to gain quick access to the garage when a remote is not at hand, running on a 5V Arduino Pro Mini. The keypad allows for up to 10 4-digit pin numbers, has a user set master pin number to create and delete user pin numbers and flashes 2 color error codes if something goes wrong.

The hardware BoM consists of a 4×4 keypad, an Arduino Pro Mini, a small custom PCB and a few external electronic parts to complete the design.

He’s been using it flawlessly for a year and you could try to build one too: all the documentation is on github comprehensive of Eagle PCB files for the main board, the Arduino code, BoM, a user manual and some useful construction tips.


6 Responses to “DIY Garage Door KeyPad Project”

  1. bwetman Says:

    it is very useful, can we also use for home door?

  2. keefeg Says:

    I’m working on an almost identical project for my house. Differences include using a nano and an actual electromechanical relay board (opto isolated) to control the garage doors. Plus I’m using a rugged OIT matrix keypad since it’s outdoors, and after the user enters the PIN number they can press 1 to open door #1, 2 for #2, 3 for #3, 5 for all three doors, 7 for doors 1&2, 8 for doors 1&3, or 9 for doors 2&3. Super cheap/useful project and a lot of fun.

  3. tiomilo01 Says:

    Very interesting. Just wondering if a fingerprint reader can be added .

  4. karnaphuliinc Says:

    awesome project

  5. SamJBoz Says:

    bwetman Says:
    November 18th, 2015 at 07:53:59

    it is very useful, can we also use for home door?

    Yes, I imagine it could be used for a home door. A lot of the electronic strikes are 12V and less than .5 of an amp so I do not see why the believe the BS170 Mosfet could not handle it. However, you would have to tweak the code to allow a longer hold time for the door. This one only toggles the door with a 1/2 second pulse.

  6. kbozman Says:

    SamJBoz is my dad and made a custom version for us based on our needs. I have the most fancy garage door in town! The door automatically closes after being left open an hour, emails me when it opens and is also connected to our alarm system lights so I can see when it’s open. Very useful!!! 🙂

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