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Art Drops: capturing what the human eye can’t see

Zoe RomanoJune 25th, 2015

Art Drop is a project by italian photographer Gianluca Sambo and recently awarded with first prize from PX3, “Prix de la Photographie de Paris”. He’s been experimenting for some time a DIY technique based on Arduino to capture amazing shapes of liquid drops mixed with dyes and other ingredients to vary the density, and therefore, the shape of the liquid in motion. Arduino allows him to synchronise the camera with the flash and the water pump, creating a series of pictures full of colours and unforeseen shapes.

Take a look at the video below to see how it works:


3 Responses to “Art Drops: capturing what the human eye can’t see”

  1. marvin44 Says:

    I was doing this last CENTURY! (Early 80’s to be exact)
    When film was the only media and it cost a fortune each time you got it wrong. I was also using Sinclair computers for the complex stuff or straightforward analog electronics for stuff like this.
    Modern digital cameras allow you to shoot, shoot, shoot away then just delete, delete, delete and it costs you nothing. Eventually you will get a piccie worth publishing.
    I’m not belittling these, there are some nice results here.

  2. Nigel890 Says:

    This is outstanding work! Thanks for sharing this. I feel inspired!

  3. matvoiz Says:

    hi, nice work!
    The system installation with the Arduino is it shared ?

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