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Want to help Arduino.CC? Take a pic of your Arduino packages!

Zoe RomanoApril 20th, 2015

We are posting below an interesting blogpost published on the Adafruit’s website on Sunday April 19th, and then mentioned by Hackaday.

Give it a read and use the #TeamArduinoCC tag when posting a pic of your packaging: that’s how you can show your support to!

Please post old Arduino packaging that says “Manufactured under license from Arduino” #TeamArduinoCC
Hey folks, as a lot of you know there’s a huge Arduino vs Arduino dispute (Hackaday / MAKE coverage / We’re currently making an official Arduino with so we’re not commenting at this time for all sorts of good reasons, however, we, as in the community, could use your help. If you could dig up any old Arduino packaging that has “Manufactured under license from Arduino by SMART PROJECTS” and post the photos – that could be pretty helpful for “team”.

PLEASE INDICATE what country where you purchased the products in and what year!


Pictured above, an Arduino UNO from September 2014 from Becky Stern’s desk. She had it unopened and we were able to see an important detail “Manufactured under license from Arduino by SMART PROJECTS S.r.l. Via Romano, 12 10010 Scarmagno Italy.


Please post any old packaging you have from older Arduino products that also have this on Flickr, G+, Instagram, Twitter, wherever you can, you can use the tag #TeamArduinoCC to help. You can also email it to


Here’s a video showing where’s the sentence mentioned by Adafruit and below the #TeamArduinoCC  hashtag timeline:


3 Responses to “Want to help Arduino.CC? Take a pic of your Arduino packages!”

  1. bobdabiulder Says:

    Why does this help??

  2. ePenguin Says:

    Proves the fact that they (Arduino) ARE Arduino and that Soft Projects is not.

    Interesting enough – I just got a starter kit from and it was from 🙁 HOWEVER – the interesting enough they didn’t care to change the Arduino Projects Book that came with it. The book still says to download the IDE from all other propaganda and packaging says

    Wish I knew of this dispute ahead of time before ordering so I could have ensured it was coming from I’ll be sure to pay closer attention next time.

  3. froglips Says:

    I bought one from Radio Shack a couple of years ago that says “Smart Projects” on it. Can’t figure out how to post the picture though?

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