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Having fun with music in a science class

Zoe RomanoMarch 24th, 2015

A science teacher at Bundang management high school, 20 kilometers southeast of downtown Seoul (South Korea) involved his students in an Arduino Music project running on Arduino Uno, Sparkfun Music Instrument Shield and Makey Makey.

Students started studying the principles of sensors and then built their own music instruments using recycled materials. Finally they played them as you can see from the video he shared with us:

See more pictures and videos at this link.

2 Responses to “Having fun with music in a science class”

  1. sijabaraka Says:

    Interesting work!

    Am working with an arduino uno too as well as PIR sensors and ultrasonic sensor for my CEES(Computer’s External Eyes’ Shield) project.!Wish and hope to share here too.
    This project has encouraged me that arduino board can perform all your ideas..

  2. wootekken Says:

    Good practical and educational use for students with Arduino and sensors. Thanks for sharing this content and I hope this application go on well.

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