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Pimp your ikea lamp into a customized death star

Zoe RomanoNovember 27th, 2014

Ikea hacks are well widespread in the maker movement and David Bliss, founder at Nurun, did a great job transforming the Death Star inspired PS 2014 Pendant Lamp into something more dynamic.

The lamp was pimped up with an Arduino Uno and Arduino Motor Shield, NeoPixel LEDs and other components you can see in the illustration.


The detailed description of the project is on his blog , the code on github and the final result in the following video:


2 Responses to “Pimp your ikea lamp into a customized death star”

  1. microcat Says:

    Minor nitpick. While David’s article is excellent, the Arduino site team might want to re-title their article to remove the NSFW reference.

  2. Cheveloz Says:


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