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A keyboard for Minecraft addicted to customize the gaming experience

Zoe RomanoSeptember 22nd, 2014

The award-winning Minecraft is a very popular PC game and also pretty addictive. It was originally created  by Swedish programmer Markus “Notch” Persson, later developed and supported on different platforms and recently acquired by Microsoft for 2.5$ billions.

Arduino user lakhanm shared  a DIY keyboard prototyped with Arduino Uno and substituting the basic keyboard controls such as move forwards or backwards. The project is also compatible with most of the Arduino boards. 

Take a look at the circuit below and grab the sketch and bill of materials at this link.



6 Responses to “A keyboard for Minecraft addicted to customize the gaming experience”

  1. liudr Says:

    Thanks for sharing but there are several things you need to change. This won’t work with “ANY arduino” as claimed. It only works on leonardo, micro and possibly DUE, with keyboard functions. The button debounce is done in a very sloppy way. Try some improvement, say, use a library.

  2. lakhanm Says:

    Thanks I will try that

  3. kltorvanger Says:

    This is really awesome. Thanks for the post!

  4. lakhanm Says:

    Your Welcome

  5. 4pnuts Says:


  6. AllenEdwards1 Says:

    Much obliged concerning imparting yet there are a few things you have to change. It just chips away at leonardo, micro and potentially DUE, with console capacities. TAttempt some change, say, utilize a library. he catch debounce is carried out in an extremely messy manner on

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