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Upgrading the OpenWrt-Yun image on the Yún

Zoe RomanoApril 23rd, 2014


Today we released the upgraded version of the OpenWrt-Yun image on the Arduino Yún.
This version includes all the latest and greatest from stable OpenWrt, the latest (Python) Bridge (with a php contribution and fixes to the file module), we also added Mailbox support to REST api and other fixes to some open issues.

The new image contains also the fix to the well known Heartbleed bug, a big security issue that impacted on almost all websites of the world.

If you own an Arduino Yún we suggest you to follow the link and read the procedure to update the board.
You’ll need to download the zip file from the download page. Remember that updating the OpenWrt-Yun image will cause the loss of all files and configurations you previously saved on the flash memory of the Yún.


5 Responses to “Upgrading the OpenWrt-Yun image on the Yún”

  1. Jantje Says:

    I’m happy to see a upgrade has been released.

  2. Jantje Says:

    The link above to the download page is wrong.
    The correct link to the download page is

  3. chrizbot Says:

    Have there been any changes in how the Yún handles the loss of wifi (revert to hotspot mode)? Or maybe just a good list of changes for the different upgrades?

  4. Zoe Romano Says:

    Hi, there is a discussion on the forum if you want to join!

  5. graham999au Says:

    Is Mailbox.writeMessage() supported yet? I can’t get it to work.

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