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How to monitor a domestic photovoltaic plant with Arduino

Zoe RomanoApril 8th, 2014


ArdaSol is the name of a project for a solar energy monitoring system based on Arduino Mega and UNO, made by Heinz Pieren. It’s a system built to monitor energy production and consumption of a domestic photovoltaic plant:

The ArdaSol Energy Monitoring System has 3 devices:

– ArdaSol Display based on a Arduino Mega Board
The master of the system, it collects the data from the two other ArdaSol devices, shows the data on the display, stores it on a SD card and sends it to a server in the internet.

– ArdaSol Energy Monitor based on a Arduino Uno
Measures the consumption of the energy, shows energy values on local display and delivers it on request to the ArdaSol Display.

– ArdaSol Remote PVI Interface based on a Arduino Uno
The photovoltaic inverter (PVI) has a RS485 interface, this is connected to ArdaSol Remote, which interacts as a gateway to ArdaSol Display. It converts the requests, coming with a radio signal to the PVI and vice versa.



5 Responses to “How to monitor a domestic photovoltaic plant with Arduino”

  1. dev0 Says:

    Cool – I have made this for my SolarMax 3000 with RS323 Interface and a node.js frontend (build with D3) if you have a SolarMax and want to do the same i’ll be happy to help.

  2. lyceeSTI2D Says:

    Hello which program you have to use to know your electricity production as well as your consumption with the card Arduino because my project for my tub consists has to manage my consumption and my electric production has any moment thanks to the card Arduino thank you

  3. vizulu Says:

    Thanks for your feedback.
    I made a short description under:
    The Display gets the energy production from the Inverter (an Aurora PowerOne device) and the consumptions from the ArdaSol Monitor (it measures current and voltage and calculates the power and energy consumption)

  4. itm1a Says:

    Hi, i would like to get more info about this project, the basics, thank you.

  5. vizulu Says:

    As I mentioned above, you’ll find a project description here
    and the Arduino source code here
    I’m working for the schematics of the ArdaSol hardware and will provide it in a few weeks on my website.

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