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Visualizing temperature and humidity with Plotly from a mountain edge

Zoe RomanoMarch 10th, 2014


Matt from Plotly team, sent us this cool video about streaming remote temperature + humidity data with an Arduino Uno and visualizing with Plotly from a mountain edge, in Peachland, BC.

The Arduino (We’re using the UNOr3) was connected to wifi tethering from a mobile (through a WIFI Shield), from there it received data from a DHT22 temperature + humidity sensor and streamed to Plotly’s servers, to be visualized. View streamed data:

Enjoy the video and the beautiful visualisations!




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  1. kerimil Says:

    Am I the only person who experiences problems with importing this library?? I have done it tens of times and managed to import even the buggiest libraries ever and get them to work but this is apparently beyond me

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