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You can’t touch this!

Zoe RomanoFebruary 20th, 2014
can't touch this Arduino Yún

“You can’t touch this”  is the project submitted by Stefano Guglielmetti for the Connected Home Project Contest by Make Magazine.  It’s composed by a movement sensor (PIR) plus a camera and an Arduino Yún. When the sensor perceive a movement, Arduino plays a sound, takes a picture and sends you an email:

The purpose is clear. You don’t want your kids to steal your food from the cupboard, or from the fridge, or someone to open your locket, or you want to take pictures to your pet stealing food, or you are Dwight Schrute and you want to finally unmask the coworker that puts your stuff into jelly… so you hide the device into the cupboard/fridge/locket, and when the device detects some movement, it will take a picture and post it right to your email! And if you use IFTTT, then you can automatically post the picture of the thief to Facebook, Twitter and show the thief’s face to the entire world!

The project is very simple, it doesn’t require any soldering/electronics skills and it can be assembled in minutes.

On github you can find the tutorial and the sketch.