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An open source robotic lawn mower

Zoe RomanoNovember 18th, 2013



Ardumower is a project with a basic aim: making a new ‘brain’ freely available for every robot mower in the universe! They  use Arduino Mega and a selection of electronic components including motor driver and sensors.

Why did we create this project?

We did create this project because we think robotics should be open and this includes robotic mowers as well.

Objectives of the project:

– Low-cost, ready-made components, replaceable (à la RC model: stick together receiver, controller, motor, servo !)
– Little soldering – easy programming only the minimum of components (keep it simple!)
detailed instructions for building
– Offering a construction kit (ready ‘Ardumower-kits’) with all modules, components etc. for purchasing
– Free, open-source Arduino-Code for download
– Finding a producer for a robot chassis (‘Ardumower’ chassis)


Find documentation, code and  list of components on Ardumower website,  in english and german!


6 Responses to “An open source robotic lawn mower”

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  2. Guiab Says:

    For such an advanced mower is of great significance in our lives. Who proved the technology advances, the era of progress, life is more respect.

  3. ngel Says:

    Look for Robomow, powerfull motors and 10Amp+ protected drivers (brush+brushless) The most intuitive smart behavior, you can test Robomow out and learn a lot.

    Keep caution!!!!!
    this is a very powerful robot ninja knives, lucky it was the lamp and the neighbor’s cat 🙂
    There is no special safty systems!!
    I think a dont try it at home sticker will be nice 🙂

  4. drmpf Says:

    Ardumower uses pfodApp for remote control functions. The Ardumower project has driven a number of development enhancements in pfodApp, such as plotting.

    pfodApp is a universal app that can be used to control any Arduino (or micro device) via bluetooth or wifi/internet with optional 128bit security. See for other projects using pfodApp.

  5. Jenny22 Says:

    The ROBOTIC LAWN MOWER will be a smart and perfect machine for garden. The sensor help to work perfectly. If the cost is low really i take one for me.

  6. Rich555 Says:

    is there any one that could give me a copy of version 1 that uses the two coils for navigation. I would like it for wire following only.

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