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Evolution of Arduino: the family tree

Zoe RomanoNovember 2nd, 2013

Evolution of Arduino

MAKE Magazine has just released Volume 36 focused on exploring the world of boards and including a detailed photo illustration of the evolution of Arduino.

You can have a preview of the digital magazine here and download a poster here.

Click on the image below for a hi-res version.




2 Responses to “Evolution of Arduino: the family tree”

  1. Paul Stoffregen Says:

    It’s interesting the ATmega32u4 is shown as starting in 2012. I’ve been making Teensy 2.0 for Arduino using that part since it became available in late 2009….

  2. EnGr Says:

    Brother i want the communication of Ardunio Controller through Ether net wire
    That will consist of the Board master of 2560 mega and 2 slive. Master command will passand slive will process on it and give feedback
    I dont understand how to do but it is necessary to do this process through Either Net.Plz help me

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