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The new Arduino Robot is now in the store!

Zoe RomanoSeptember 17th, 2013

Arduino Robot


We are pleased to announce the availability of the Arduino Robot in our store and distributors worldwide, starting from 189€.

Designed in cooperation with Complubot, 4-time world champions in the Robocup Junior robotics soccer, the Arduino Robot promises endless hours of experimentation and play.
It is a self-contained platform that allows you to build interactive machines to explore the world around you.

You can use straight out of the box, modify its software, or add your own hardware on top of it. You can learn as you go: the Arduino Robot is perfect for both the novice as well as those looking for their next challenge.

To further explore the Arduino Robot, check out the documentation to getting started with it and  a collection of examples and tutorials that will quickly show its great features.

The Arduino Robot is the result of a collective effort from an international team looking to make science and electronics fun to learn. Read the article about the history of the Robot on Make Zine by David Cuartielles .

Check it out in the Arduino Store >> (This product is  available with UK Plug, US Plug and IT Plug)

Arduino Robot


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