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How to make a pneumatic flight simulator

Zoe RomanoAugust 30th, 2013


Arduino-Pneumatic Flight Simulator

Dominick Lee is a programmer, inventor who created the  “LifeBeam Flight Simulator“, a pneumatic-powered dual-axis motion flight simulator  using Arduino Duemilanove. After a few months of diligent work and the help of some generous collaborators he was able to mix physics, robotic and aviation into a motion platform that can make full rotations tilting at about 40 degrees.

The LifeBeam Flight Simulator is a full setup of equipment that runs simultaneously and collaboratively. The data is first sent from the Graphics or “Gaming PC”  through a custom software program that acquires game data. The game data is scaled and converted into specific coordinates for the roll and pitch (X and Y) axis. The program sends out the final signal which is received by an Arduino (Duemilanove). The Arduino has a complex program on it that combines the serial commands and parses certain values to calculate a voltage which is then converted into PWM and sent to a low-pass filter which smoothes the PWM into analog voltage. The analog voltage is connected to a Pneumatic Valve Amplifier which controls the pneumatic cylinders to make the platform move accordingly.

After watching the video below you can read the whole documentation on Instructables and make one yourself!




3 Responses to “How to make a pneumatic flight simulator”

  1. Rashadgl Says:

    I’m almost completely done drawing my system in Cad now. My design is identical to yours except I use no programing whatsoever. and a wii controler. I will release all of my work around Xmas 2013 when I’m all done. My dream is to have these in all my friends homes for under $600. All my friends have no programing background so I had to design mine around the EZ-Robot’s EZ-B. Great Video! You inspired me to finish my project that I have not touched since June 29th. All my work will be released on my website in 3D PDF format free of charge.

  2. mfendick Says:

    Surely the simulation would be enhanced by attaching the projector to the moveable platform (granted, you would need a larger screen)?

  3. benheenan Says:

    Rashadgl, I know that I’m a year or so late, but I was wondering whether you still have any of your work from the project? I can’t seem to find it on your website.

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