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Overclocking Arduino with liquid nitrogen

Zoe RomanoAugust 29th, 2013

nitrogen Arduino

What happens to electronic components at cryogenic temperatures? That’s the main question Mikail tried to answer with his experiment using liquid nitrogen and Arduino: 65.3Mhz@-196°C. Check the video below to see the magic:

6 Responses to “Overclocking Arduino with liquid nitrogen”

  1. mohamedpsx Says:

    i think that is a fake one or a counterfeit product 😀

  2. romanyacik Says:

    I know that this is in fact a counterfeit. The board is too blue, and a real arduino has a gold voltage regulator. This one is green. No wonder this experiment worked; the board probably was lousy with short circuits!

  3. Testato Says:

    Please remove it from blog.

  4. BarsMonster Says:

    @Testato: Why you think it is fake? If you read full linked article, it describes in very detail all the issues which needed to be fixed for it to work.

  5. lamps Says:

    I doesn´t look fake though

  6. prismatics Says:

    You could achieve much higher clock rates if you wouldn’t cool the silicon down so much.

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