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Visual Report Arduino Camp Italia – Let's hackathon

Zoe RomanoJune 18th, 2013


Last saturday we had a great day celebrating the Arduino Camp, hosting the traditional hackaton inside Officine Arduino and Fablab Torino spaces and the huge courtyard of Toolbox Coworking. Many people, cool projects, and a theme: “Reinventing interfaces of home appliances” (… interpreted in a very wide way, though).

"No Friends, No Air"computer vision-based air conditioning system, winner of the first prize

We had three winners and a special nomination, check yourself among the amazing shoots by Cosimo Maffione on our Flickr set.

First prize – “No friends No air”:  an air system based on computer vision

Second prize – Rombot: the alarm clock that you have to drive back to turn it off

Third prize – “InterVintage“: a domestic communication tool based on vintage stuff

Special Mention – Coffee or Die“: a special interface for a flame

So far we’ve been organizing  three Arduino Camps, and we have many requests of people willing to join or organize such an event all over the world to celebrate Arduino users’ community. That’s why for the next years’ edition we are planning to offer to community-based groups the possibility to organize their own hackaton on the same day in different locations. Same theme, a variety of approaches to solve a problem. Stay tuned!

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