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Make a voice call with Arduino Gsm Shield & more examples!

Zoe RomanoMarch 19th, 2013

Arduino Gsm Shield

Some days ago we launched our new product, the Arduino Gsm Shield, together with an intro video explaining how to make the first steps into the creation of interaction with it.
Today we’re publishing another video with a second step-by-step tutorial by David:



And we want to share some more because last year at the Malmo University K3 during the second year in Interaction Design BA, David Cuartielles and Tony Olsson run a course where students had to work on a project with state of the art of technology using wireless communication as a main mode of operation.

As one of the tools, 30 students could experiment with early prototypes of the GSM shield  and they came out with different projects and ideas.  Here you can see one of the proposals that made it to the finals at a M2M contest arranged in Sweden by Tele2.


  • “Personal Safety” By: Cathrin Malmqvist & Karin Danielsson

We wanted to re-design the weareble safety alarms to make them more smooth, mobile and invisible. The idea is to apply the features of the safety alarm to something familiar like your watch or bracelet. The prototype is built with Arduino with a GSM-shield, an accelerometer, speakers and a microphone



Working prototype: