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iPacemaker with Arduino

davide.vellutoDecember 14th, 2012

5 Responses to “iPacemaker with Arduino”

  1. Harvey_d Says:

    Interesting, but if I had a pacemaker, I would definitely not want my heart to be able to be re-programmed via wireless. Give me a wire or two instead!

  2. amigojapan Says:

    I also dont want to use an arduino, which is a hobbyist toy which can be useful for prototyping but not much for end user for my heart…. I mean, how easy is it for a wifi shield to come off an arduino….

  3. piglet Says:

    Interesting. As a heart patient with an ICD (Implanted Cardiac Device, Pacemaker), I definitely wouldn’t want to tinker with any settings, but downloading data would be useful. The hospital equipment is quite spophisticated and allows downloading of data recorded on the device (unusual events, battery lifetime etc.) as well as the ability to change settings. As the device is miplanted, all communication is done either inductively or some form of very short range wireless. I can see that there might be some mileage in remote situations to be able to tinker, but get it wrong at your peril!! PS – it’s not just us old duffers that have to have pacemakers, some kids have them from day one – it’s the luck of the draw

  4. Avinash Gupta Says:

    Interesting.., referred your posted document also.,,there are times when the pacing parameters needs to be changed..after the IMD implant..usually done through wireless programming,,your decision to use wifi there is a good one…you are making use of GSM lso for remote progrmmin na.? so restrict your wifi range for security…and add a feature to download patient status data using your embedded web server… are using minimal configuration for your arduino project.,,no? try to use INT clock to minimize circuit…..
    Wishing ALL THE BEST for your project ladvine.

  5. Rupal Gupta Says:

    Very much Interesting … liked your way of using arduino sketch on a hardware specific for wireless pacemaker (minimal configuration)..,,but try to minimize your project size as much possible using hybrid design…..

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